Sunday, March 26, 2006

King Kong(2005) - the new big sized remake of King Kong is coming to DVD this Tuesday- I watched the barebones no extras rental DVD Friday- it was whelming- It had some good parts - but was undercut by the ridiculously unbelievable brontosaurus stampede and spiderpit sequence.I liked it - but may have been overly familiar with the plot material since I have recently watched the classic 33 version and the terrible 70s Dwan infested remake. B-

2001 Maniacs - an update of the drive-in classic- a group of fratboys and college girls and a biracial couple take a detour into a town filled with a bunch of conferates- nowhere near as fun or fake-goorey as the first one- but should play with folks into the gore genre.Starring Robert Englund as the mayor. C-

You Can't Fix Stupid - fun standup set with my fave of the Blue Collar crew- Ron "tater salad" White.Only 42 minutes- but full of laughs and chuckles and the 10 minute behind the scenes segment was fun also. B

Memoirs of a Geisha - Follows a young girl from being sold into a trade she did not want to enter thru her career as a giesha.Pretty customes and scenery and a nice romance story.Decent features on disc 2 - B+

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