Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ok it is my fault for going to Mickey D's just cuz they are easy to get to on my commute- but this really POed me- last night I got a Big Mac and I wanted to get the apple dippers for desert-basically- apple slices that you dip in caramel- they are on the Mickey D buck menu
I get to the window to collect my food- and the guy tells me they are out of the Apple Dippers and asked if I wanted anything else off the dollar menu- I said not really I just want my dollar back
then I see the guy go to the fridge and pull out a bag of dippers and go- I just found some
right - no
as I am watching the season finale of The Shield- I realize the first slice tastes rather wierd- even drenched in caramel- then I look at the bag- the bag had expired March 3- and it was March 21st- arrrgh-
is it so hard to just give a refund if you don't have the product- specially in food service- instead of knowingly giving a consumer an expired fruit item

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