Sunday, March 26, 2006

reviews from 2/18/06

Ultimate Avengers- decent comic book movie cartoon. tons of extras- including fan auditions to be voice actors and the history of the Avengers in a 23 minute pieceNothing special or really new- but still a good time. C+
Laura - slow moving noir(well compared to other noir's I had seen) Very good performances by Gene Tierney and CLifton Webb.The DVD is slampacked with extras- commentaries- the A& E bios of Gene Tierney & Vincent Price. B
Zathura- imaginative family flick about a board game that comes to life-Worth checking out if you are babysitting and need a timekiller. C+
Weatherman- uneven pic about middle age and dealing with modern society.Some very funny lines and some good awkward moments- but something lacking the overall picture. C

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