Saturday, April 29, 2006

Recent DVD wrapup

Fun With Dick & Jane- decent update of the yuppie bandit movie from the 70s with Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni- lots of topical humour with corporate fraud and immigration and whatnot. B-

Year of The Yao-well made documentary about Houston Rockets center Yao Ming and his transition from China to the NBA. B

Through The Fire -documentary about Sebestain Telfair - made like Hoop Dreams- showing his last year of High School and all the presures of being a top recruited big name hoopster in the day and age of Lebron. B-

Satan Was A Lady -Doris Wishman low budget flick about a con artist stripper- a diverting and fun entertainment. C+

Crazy Love - based on the works of Charles Bukowski- well done and gripping- captures the innocence of youth and the pull of lust with equal clarity. B+

Flight 93 -TV movie about the 9/11 plane that missed it's target.Well done and tense- although they showed an awful lot of the grieving family members during the action scenes - yes I am sure they were distraught - but it really hampered the narrative. B-

Pinky - Elia Kazan movie about a "colored" girl who is basically white - set in the south - this 1949 film shows the ugly underbelly of racism- a melodrama that has not aged well C+

Howl's Moving Castle - excellent,imaginative,fun and well worth the investment. A great anime about a girl under a curse who stays in a magic castle with several other runaways. A+

The Bad Seed - over the top melodrama about a girl that has the murder gene in her- this movie does have several horrifying and effective scenes- mixed in with lots of speeches and scenery chewing. B-

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

2 Obits 1 Week

the Grim Reaper has been in the nieghborhood recently- first a friend of ours and now the grandmother of my gf- needless to say it has been a heavy week emotionally

I feel so numb- even the usual vicarious nothings feel more empty than normal

and well the words keep coming out in cliche form

I wish I could help more

The Big Mac That Wasn't 2

So um- same damned WhackArnolds- this time I order a big mac -no pickle

what do I get

bread,special sauce,PICKLES

no Big Mac- WTF- the manager did give me another one- but I think that is a good enough omen to forgo the soylent green convience of Mickey Ds for awhile

watched Martin & Orloff yesterday a good skit-com movie with Matt Walsh,David Cross,Tina Fey and others

currently watching SNL:The First 5 Years DVD while eating salad

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I believe in the notion of wakes more than funerals

and I want to celebrate the life of a friend who passed away today...

sadly I am still in shock no tears

he has been in a coma for some days

I kept telling myself that it was a hiccup and that he would wake up one day and well

so much for the glass half empty

either way I was lucky to have Tom in my life- I knew him over 15 years- but only really spent time with him over the past 4 years I guess

he was a friend of a friend and he helped us find our home

the last I saw Tom was when we finally closed the deal on our home

the last time I spoke to Tom I had called him to simply say "thanx"


with love your friend,

P.S.- at the moment I feel like adding Lee to my name cuz I got the blues

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Big Mac That Wasn't

@ 7:46 p.m. I decided to forgo Mickey D's on my commute home so I could get home in time to watch Smackdown - the first Smackdown since ReyJr won the World Championship.
Sadly my plans were quickly put to a stop - a sudden stop

at a major intersection with a merge - the vehicle in front of me was stopped- it was out of gas

so I stopped- and then my vehicle was ran into by the vehicle behind me - cuz a third vehicle hit his car

NOONE was hurt - it was a fender bender - but it took forever

ok first I ask the other 2 guys if they wanted to call the cops- neither one wanted to-

at one point a cop even pushed the stalled vehicle out of the interesection

I asked the guys once again if they wanted me to get the police-

these were both young black males and one guy said " No I don't want to invite them over- but I need to ask my mom what to do"

so we waited for this guy's mom to come over

his whole family showed up after about 20 minutes and they decided to call the cop

the cop showed up and turns out he was the cop that had pushed the other vehicle

noone got hurt

and it was nowhere as exciting funny or poignant as the movie Crash or erotic as the other version of Crash

of course

right now my thoughts are with a friend of ours that is in a coma

I have always been fascinated with comas-

from a distance

I can't wait to hear his voice again ....