Saturday, April 29, 2006

Recent DVD wrapup

Fun With Dick & Jane- decent update of the yuppie bandit movie from the 70s with Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni- lots of topical humour with corporate fraud and immigration and whatnot. B-

Year of The Yao-well made documentary about Houston Rockets center Yao Ming and his transition from China to the NBA. B

Through The Fire -documentary about Sebestain Telfair - made like Hoop Dreams- showing his last year of High School and all the presures of being a top recruited big name hoopster in the day and age of Lebron. B-

Satan Was A Lady -Doris Wishman low budget flick about a con artist stripper- a diverting and fun entertainment. C+

Crazy Love - based on the works of Charles Bukowski- well done and gripping- captures the innocence of youth and the pull of lust with equal clarity. B+

Flight 93 -TV movie about the 9/11 plane that missed it's target.Well done and tense- although they showed an awful lot of the grieving family members during the action scenes - yes I am sure they were distraught - but it really hampered the narrative. B-

Pinky - Elia Kazan movie about a "colored" girl who is basically white - set in the south - this 1949 film shows the ugly underbelly of racism- a melodrama that has not aged well C+

Howl's Moving Castle - excellent,imaginative,fun and well worth the investment. A great anime about a girl under a curse who stays in a magic castle with several other runaways. A+

The Bad Seed - over the top melodrama about a girl that has the murder gene in her- this movie does have several horrifying and effective scenes- mixed in with lots of speeches and scenery chewing. B-

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