Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I believe in the notion of wakes more than funerals

and I want to celebrate the life of a friend who passed away today...

sadly I am still in shock no tears

he has been in a coma for some days

I kept telling myself that it was a hiccup and that he would wake up one day and well

so much for the glass half empty

either way I was lucky to have Tom in my life- I knew him over 15 years- but only really spent time with him over the past 4 years I guess

he was a friend of a friend and he helped us find our home

the last I saw Tom was when we finally closed the deal on our home

the last time I spoke to Tom I had called him to simply say "thanx"


with love your friend,

P.S.- at the moment I feel like adding Lee to my name cuz I got the blues

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