Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grand Hotel-a decent mega-star bonanza that was best picture of the year in 1932-a couple of Barrymores,Greta Garbo and a smoking hot Joan Crawford- a mix of comedy and drama- this flick holds up well- although I think it would bore the pants of the modern viewer. B+
In A Lonely Place- a noir-ish romance starring Humphrey Bogart as a washed up screenscribe implicated in a murder of a hatcheck girl.Bogart is scary menacing in this one at times and tender and other times- a great performance I thought - A-
Puff Puff Pass - a couple of stoners obssessed with Shawshank Redemption bounce from crashpad to crashpad to rehab- stupidfunny or just stupid- but a decent diversion for a STD(straightToDVD) with lots of cameos including Terry Crews as a wack rapper. D+
Grandma's Boy - a Happpy Madison production without Adam Sandler- starring Alan Covert as game tester/pothead that has to move in with his grandma- some guffaws - but not worth seeking out D+
Munich- intense thriller about a motley hit squad put together to avenge the hostage debacle of the munich Olympics of 1972-the music can be a little intrusive- but Eric Bana does a bangup job as the lead. B+