Friday, July 14, 2006

Dumbfounded by Disney

Island At The Top of The World
Ok I have no nostalgia, memory or knowledge of this mid 70s Disney flick-This is an attempt to make a Jules Verne type adventure film- that fails- the special effects are lacking- most of the scenery in the movie is obviously matte paintings and stock footage- think Land of The Lost effects on a Disney movie-and then add in Good Morning America host David Hartman as an explorer , a crazy French airship captain with a poodle named Josephine( the wacky camera cuts to the dog elicited no laughter here),a shanghaied Eskimo and an eccentric inventor trying to find his lost son.The plot is very typical for an adventure epic-add a predicatable plot with a subpar cast and lame effects and you have a pretty disapointing use of time.

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