Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Decent batch of DVDs this week so far

Just finished Small Solidiers- a 1998 Joe Dante flick about toys outfitted with Military Computer Chips- fun family flick with a good cast and a voiceover cast featuring the members of Spinal Tap and the Dirty Dozen with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christina Ricci.Worth renting if you want something to watch with the whole family - also has David Cross,Dennis Leary,Kirstin Dunst,Phil Hartman and Ann Magnuson in it . B

Wicker Man-odd and interesting cult film from the 70s with Christopher Lee and The Equalizer.Set on a remote island with a village of folks that don't venture out much.Lots of interesting and creepy imagery- I saw the truncated 88 minute version-the DVD also had a 35 minute documentary on the making and eventual popularity of the movie. B

Cincinati Kid - another excellent Norman Jewison/Steve McQueen movie- this one is about a poker player about to take on the reigning champ (Edward G. Robinson).With an all-star cast featuring Karl Malden,Rip Torn,Ann-Margret,Tuesday Weld,Cab Calloway and Joan Blondell this poker movie is well shot and well executed. A+

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