Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kiss the Lost WOrld Goodbye

Kiss Toledo Goodbye- an attempt @ funny mob flick that just never feels real and never hits my funny bone- with Christopher Walken,Christine Taylor,Paul Ben-Victor & Michael Rappaport.Barely worth a rental. D+
The Lost World(1925)- this silent film was rendered silly by some odd foley throw-ins and a very repititive soundtrack.Melp and I ended up MSTing the flick - the Claymation dinosaurs were ok I guess- but nothing worth seeking out cept as a curio.
Looking For Comedy in The Muslim World- Albert Brooks is commisioned to go to India and Pakistan to write a 500 page report on what makes Muslims laugh- sadly they forgot to include consistent humor for the people watching the flick- it had some belly laughs - but not enough to sustain interest over an entire film. D+

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