Friday, August 25, 2006

yep even more DVDs

The Stranger -a 1946 noir flick directed by Orson Welles about a Nazi who is hiding in a small Connecticut town as a professor.He is traced to the small town by a War Crimes detective played deftly by Edward G. Robinson and then we watch things unfold in this smalltown drama.There are some astounding plotholes in this one- but it is enjoyable- I got a cheap Alpha Video version of the DVD so there were no extras on the DVD B+

Wet Asphalt - this 1958 flim is billed as a Lost Noir on it's cover- but it is a far cry from most of the Noirs I have seen recently.This German film was dubbed into english and seems to be a rush job to capitalize on the recent rush to DVD of noir type flicks- and I admit I was bamboozled into snagging the flick.The idea of a journalist concocting a fake story about a hidden bunker behind the Iron Curtain that had some German footsolidiers in it for five years was pretty far-fetched- the fact that these fake stories lead to riots was also hard to believe.A mix of stock footage and bad dubbing . D

Kaiju Big Battel : The Shocking Truth - a mix of camp,Godzilla,Ultraman,Batman 60s TV show and Lucha moves this is a wrestling federation with imagination that has fun. This DVD mixes the history of the Big Battels with a hostage situation and several confrontations.For fans of MST3K,Wierd AL spoof style humour. B-

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