Thursday, September 28, 2006

30 Days

30 Days - Harper Hill is the star of this 1997 movie that is coming on out DVD next Tuesday- it feels like an after-school special- with it's moralizing about race relations and schmatlzy ending- except for the teen sex stuff and a few curse words chucked in.Basically 2 teenages(one white/one black) get into a bench-clearing brawl during a hoops game and they get sentenced to live in each other's neighborhoods as punishment.The movie also has Surreal Lifester Da' Brat,Tyrese and Ellen Burstyn with a cameo by Reverend Run.Engaging enough that I watched thru the montages and the cliches and the melodrama- but not worth seeking out unless you just want some unintentional comedy. D+

btw this DVD has nada to with Morgan Spurlock or even Johnnycakes

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