Saturday, September 16, 2006

First Deadly Sin

First Deadly Sin -1980 murder mystery flick featuring the last performance of Frank Sinatra and a bed-ridden Faye Dunaway.Sinatra's character is a close to retirement homicide detective in NYC- when he notices similarities with his case and that of a recent case.Sinatra recruits Brenda Vaccarro and a museum curator to help him track down the killer.This felt like a made for TV movie and was pretty bland with a thrown in romance-although the romance sparked one of the more heated moments of the movie when a frustrated Sinatra confronts his wife's doctor about her condition. In the opening credits they mentioned a person who had made Miss Dunaway's costumes- which is kind of funny considering she is bed-ridden the whole time.If you are a big fan of ole' blue eyes and you can score this cheap(rental/2 dollars) then you might enjoy this dated thriller. C-

Hard Candy - spawned from an idea culled from the news about Japanese nymphs that lure business men into traps for money using the internet- this movie is well done- but feels like it wants to pull strings the entire time.The special features are basically the cast and producers congradulating themselves on making the movie. The movie which feels like a stage-play is mostly a 2 person exercise where a teen girl seduces a pediophile photographer and then proceeds to cut a him a new one. The acting in this flick is well-done and same for the direction.
This movie just feels like it wants to be so controversial that in some ways it lessens it's impact.
Even knowing the basic premise I was lured in enough that I wanted to see how things ended.There are plenty of squeamish scenes in this flick and I would not recommend this flick to everyone. C

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