Sunday, September 24, 2006

House of Lake

House of Strangers - an excellent family melodrama about an Italian banking family The Monettis starring Edward G Robinson as the tyrannical patriarch and Richard Conte as the smartest son who has been away in jail for 7 years. Most of the story is told in flashback as we follow Conte's affair with Susan Heyward and the eventual fall of the family bank. Not your usual cops and gangsters noir flick but a well told story with some good camerawork and some decent twists. B+
Lake House - a formula romance flick with pretty songs and pretty scenery that demands that you suspend disbelief in the premise so you can get the butterflies when or if the 2 actors on the case finally smooch.I admit I have had a crush on Sandra Bullock since Speed - and have suffered such concoctions as Hope Floats and While You Where Sleeping because of it. Luckily I have seen a few decent flicks like The Net. In this flick Bullock is playing to her base for this reunion with co-Speedster Keanu Reeves.The gimmick of this hankie flick is revealed in the trailer- the 2 protaginists are living 2 years apart- so knowing that it is all too easy to figure out the fulcrum for the relationship.If you need a predicatable romance movie and are able to suspend disbelief you may enjoy this time waster. C-

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