Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thank you for Edmond

Thank You For Smoking -a satrical send-up of big tobacco and the lobbyist who can spin any situation to his liking.Aaron Eckhardt takes the bull by the horns as Nick Naylor the smooth-talking nicotine propagandist.His charisma and the strength of his arguments help him craft another interesting bastard(check out his breakout film In The Company of Men). This movie features good supporting performances by the always funny J.K. Simmons and Sam Elliot as the original Marlboro Man.A mixture of chuckles and belly-laughs - but in the end I was underwhelmed by this flick- part of the problem- the concept was a funny notion- but I have been aware of the premise for months- so now when finally watching the DVD I felt bogged down by the added in father/son dynamic(although that did also lead to the hilarious take my dad to work scene).The DVD has 2 commentary tracks ,several deleted scenes and a good 18 minute segment on the Charlie Rose show.If you are looking for a comedy that does not rely on pratfalls and fart jokes than you should enjoy this flick. B-

Edmond -a modern noir flick starring William H. Macy as a suit and tie guy who one day has a Falling Down type meltdown mid-life crisis.Edmond suddenly wants to reset his life - leaving his wife and going on a quest for some strange.It is established that he is willing to pay for sex- but he seems to never get the right price til he finds someone(Julia Styles) who mistakes his madness for genius.A mixture of awkward comedy and bad decisions. Based on a David Mamet play and directed by Stuart Gordon it is fun watching Macy's everyman negotiate his way thru a seedy NYC that does not seem to exist anymore.The DVD has 2 commentary tracks and a 10 minute behind the scenes featurette.Better than the average low budget DVD I have seen recently- but in some ways this a car-wreck- you know from the first scene that Edmond is mad as heck and he will not be taking it anymore- sometimes that journey is engaging . C+

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