Saturday, September 23, 2006

That's some fineass cheesecake

The Notorious Bettie Page -a not so standard biopic about the 50s pinup queen Bettie Page.Bettie is played perfectly by Gretchen Moll who manages to capture the innocent sexuality of Page's famous pictures.Using a mixture of black and white and color we see snapshots of Bettie's life that lead her to NYC in the early 50s and to her career in front of cameras.She is a charming southern girl who is deeply religious yet not ashamed of her body.She is flattered by the attention she recieves at first- but after awhile the infamy and the contradictions and the political climate cause her a lot of discomfort.The DVD has a BTS featurette and a vintage Bettie striptease.A well done look at the model and also the repressive moral climate of the times.Great cinematography and a stellar cast lead to well spent 90 minutes- with plenty of cheesecake. B+

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