Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Film Geek - a pleasant surprise- a funny indie about a video store clerk obsessed with movies.Sadly his social skills and over-eagerness make him a pain to work with - so he gets fired from the one job he seems to be cut out for.Lots of funny stuff in this one- as we watch his doomed courtship with the cute artist who likes Cronenberg and electronica.His attempts to catch up to her hipness are also funny. I work at a video store so I get an awful lot of the inside jokes in this one- but there are enough funny moments that are universal that folks that enjoy smaller films should enjoy this one also.The DVD also has a humorous short film The Autuer which is basically a porn director shooting commentary for his recent epic. B+

Weeds Season 1- suburban widower and MILF Mary Louise Parker is a pot dealer . This show feels like Desperate Housewives with curse words and played for even more laughs.Each half hour is mostly jokes about 2 dysfunctional families in Agresta,CA.Featuring cast members from SNL,Mr Show and 40 Year Old Virgin this show keeps the punchlines coming. Elizabeth Perkins shines as the bitter head of the PTA dealing with a promiscious daughter,a cheating hubby and a younger daughter who enjoys eating. To quote my partner something I would watch for free but nothing I would seek out or get Showtime for. Well made suburban angst humor. B

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