Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I tried to watch Click this weekend also- not a smart idea to base a crappy movie on a remote control- cuz I just kept feeling the urge to use my - first chapter skip then eject- blah
and I could not finish Waist Deep -
I did not finish Prairie Home Companion - but that had more to do with time constraints than quality of the movie- I liked the music in it- but was not overwhelmed by what I had seen

the break-up - A pleasant surprise -not as over the top as the Wedding Crashers - this movie is a comedy with more substance to it - sure it is still a mainstream movie that doesn't get as nasty as arguments between lovers can get- but it has real bite- with discussions I have been a part of myself- Vince Vaughan is not my favorite guy- he has moments - but on the whole he usually bores me with his schtick - but this role is perfect for him and for her(Jennifer Aniston).He is a schlub and a slob and a wiseass- she is a little more refined and and lot more frustrated with his taking her for granted and not chipping in with household chores and social responsibilites.Not as epic as War of Roses or as funny- this flick is about a disolving civil union and the flack that results.People expecting broad comedy like Wedding Crashers or Old School will be disapointed- but I enjoyed the flick - the highlight for me was the singing group that featured John Michael Higgins performing "Boogie Nights" and the dinner scene with another song.This is not a deep movie that will shed new light on the modern relationship - but it was a fun flick - the DVD has tons of extras ,deleted scences,Outtakes,and a commentary from Vaughaniston. B-

Femme Fatale -flawed modern noir-ish flick from Brian DePalma.Starring Rebecca Rojimn Stamos as the title vixen.This flick is about style over substance and has some neat scenes and sound design- but also has plotholes all over the place.I spent too much time trying to put logic to the plotshifts and not enough time just going with the story.The movie also has Antonia Banderas as a paparazi stalking Stamos.A mixture of evil woman cliches,double-crosses and sexual tension this flick is not for everyone and not perfect- but as a good distraction from the 9 to 5. C+

Kiss of Death -1947 noir about a gangster(Victor Mature) that turns states evidence to garner an early parole.This movie has it's flaws - mostly the sappy father cliche played to the hilt by Mature- but it also has an excellent performance by Richard Widmark as the homicidal Tommy Udo- he was nominated for an Oscar for his debut film role.And it is Widmark that leaves with the film in hand - his character is like a psychotic Bugs Bunny on Crack- someone you don't wanna mess with -cuz he is the crazy guy kind of strong.Of course the Mature character with his bad guy trying to go good for his family is the perfect foil for the Udo character.While the plot is typical and has some very familiar twists- it is well worth the time for the Widmark character alone. B+

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