Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel - 1945 noir by Otto Preminger-starring Dana Andrews as a smooth-talking drifter who is deposited in a small town with only a dollar in his pocket.When he goes to the local diner he falls for the sultry waitress Stella played by Linda Darnell- he soon falls in with a traveling seance scam and he goes to the local civic leaders(The Mills sisters) to get them to give creedance to the traveling charlatan(played wonderfully by John Carradine).The protaganist(Dana Andews)concocts a plan to win the pragmatic Stella by seducing the town hieress June Mills(Alice Faye).Of course things never go to plan in a noir and we find ourselves in the middle of a murder mystery.Tons of beautiful shots and great camera work-plus great performances by Linda Darnell as the waitress who wants more out of life and Dana Andrews who scheming his way to satisfy her needs.Excellent work from the creative team behind Laura. A

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