Thursday, October 05, 2006

Welcome To Collinwood

Welcome To Collinwood - a 2002 comedy about a bunch of buffoons who are trying to pull off the perfect heist.Starring Sam Rockwell as a punch-drunk con man who scams a big job away from the Luis Guzman.Rockwell puts together a crew including William H. Macy to help him execute the gig.They get coaching from a wheelchair-bound safe-cracking expert George Clooney.Since this is a comedy we know that nothing will be easy for this dimwitted crew of hooligans- the pratfalls are many.I got some chuckles from this thing- but it felt like a sham- I am sure the cast and crew had a good time making Collinwood(at least it appears fun on the BTS featurette)- but movie lacked credibility in so many ways that every character felt like a walking punchline- not human enough to take seriously- so by the end of the thing I was not rooting for anyone- I was just wanting to see resolution . C-

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