Sunday, October 01, 2006


X Men III : The Last Stand - the thrid installment of the highly successful Marvel franchise is coming out on DVD Tuesday.As most folks know by now - with a new director.This movie throws information at the viewer as fast as it can.There is very little time spent on seemingly major events- why because the next scene will be even more SPECTACULAR or dramatic- no the movie is not all high spots- but it is close to that- the flick spends no time at all on what would to seem to be a major devolpment( I try to avoid spoilers when pounding these things out)- but instead rushes to the next high spot.The concept is interesting - the humans have created a cure for the mutant gene - of course Magneto and his crew are not down with that notion at all.From the trailers and all we know this flick will be the ultimate showdown between professor X' s team and the Magneto posse.Unlike the previous 2 movies very little time is spent introducing the new mutants(Juggernaut,The Beast,etc.) .This movie feels like they needed to cram all the information in and whatnot.Don't get me wrong - the special effects look fine- Hugh Jackman is engaging as Wolverine and of Sir Ian is great as always as Magneto- but you can tell the difference between this and the first two X movies.Also MIA is my favorite character from X-Men 2 Nightcrawler.I would put this on par with say Once Upon a Time in Mexico - it is the third flick in a series I have enjoyed and I liked it - but it was the low point of the three- slightly better than um Godfather 3- but not up there with Return of the Jedi... or something. B-

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