Wednesday, November 08, 2006

plug in drive off

Who Killed The Electric Car? :logically we should want cars that don't run on fossil fuels- and yes I am frustrated that these vehicles did not penetrate the NASCAR hummer economy we inhabit- but damned if I did not keep quoting the hilarious South Park smug episode(find it watch it).93 minutes of movie- called a documentary- but really just a commercial for electric cars and alternative energy with lots of info repeated over and over again- I will say it again - the notion of an electric car is very appealing to me- and I am not surprised that the oil and automotive industry could see past their stock options to support forward thinking- this movie is not that entertaining and actually depressing - you can get the meat of the movie in the special feature Jump Start the future which is 15 minutes long- This is not terrible - but it ain't a documentary- it is very slanted . C+

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