Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Choking Man/Half Past Autumn/Amazing Red interview/Vastless Smudge/Today's Trend

Half Past Autumn - well made documentary about writer,director(Shaft,The Learning Tree),photographer and composer Gordon Parks.The DVD is sparse- no extras- just a Spanish language track.Well worth watching- the impact that his art had on the world and individuals is stunning.

Choking Man- interesting 2007 indie movie about a painfully shy dishwasher in a small NYC diner.Sure this character study is not for everyone - but worth the time if you are looking for an alternative to the usual test-marketed drivel that crowds our multiplexes. A little slow at times - but great cinematography and believable characters made this a solid watch.The DVD also included a decent animated short "The Boy With No Name".

Tried watching the Committee from 1968 - UK indie black and white movie- ok music from Pink Floyd and a solid performance by Arthur Brown- but not something I could finish- same for the 60s movie Warning Shot starring David Jansen- just boring stuff.

Went to performing arts camp in Elmer,NJ in the 80s - this audio curio was created by someone there- I don't know except it is a fun 45 second song-


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