Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amy Lee Interview on Roundtable Wrestling Radio/The Brain Machine and Today's Trends(well before noon)

The Brain Machine(1977)- terrible movie decent sample source- I got this out of cheapie bin- I overpaid- but sonically this movie is loads of fun- here are some of the samples I got from the movie.You do see a young Gerald McRainey in this- the poster is way better than the movie- basically- 5 people trapped in a 70s basement and tons of melodrama about mind-reading or something.

3.Dialing and Drums(right click and save)

5.I Want Out


  1. Regis Philbin
  2. Ricky Gervais
  3. Floyd Landis
  4. Cold remedies
  5. The Rachel hairc…
  1. Liam McIntyre Sp…
  2. Stock prices
  3. Julianne Hough
  4. GM cars
  5. 340-year-old Bib…


Right Click and save Amy Lee interview

AMY LEE joins the show with an over the top interview discussing her training,Luna Vachon,Lacey Von Erich,Ricky Morton,Captain Redneck Dick Murdoch,Bastion Booger,Rock and Roll Express,watching Rhodes,Hulk Hogan,Haystacks Calhoun wrestling and so much more. Joey 924,SmokedOut,Jobber Joe,The Byron and Jennifer Solis discuss Punk and Nexus,Mason Ryan (Batista 2),Bella Bet,Bryan vs John Morrison,ACW,2 versions of Nexus,Raw,iMPACT,Smackdown,Raw,Angle blading on camera,MCMG injury,TNA on tour,Mike Adamle,ROH music from Lenny Kravitz,Edwin Starr from Hell Up in Harlem soundtrack,Adina Lake Roundtable Wrestling Radio -JOIN THE DISCUSSION go to our facebook page for clips,pics and more Listen LIVE every Monday- 1: http://roundtableradio.net/ and 2: http://roundtableradio.net/ctiplayer.html Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a weekly podcast that originates on roundtableradio.net every Monday @ 11:15 pm EST - with your Roundtable members ... JOEY 9:24 - SMOKEDOUT -JOBBER JOE- THE BYRON - and JENNIFER SOLIS - Roundtable Wrestling Radio is on every Monday Night LIVE - call in -928-255-0119 A mix of wrestling and pop culture talk. Also every Monday on http://kjagradio.com/

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