Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Look behind the curtain

I have a weekly music + podcast -Audio Junk where I play samples from movies and music and more
here are some of the sites that I find new to me music on a regular basis

Soul Sides - a great mix of gospel,funk,northern soul and more
WFMU Free Music Archive -eclectic mix of ambient,noise,pop culture curios and more
Fluxblog - a solid mix of modern and 80s- from Replacements to Electric Six with some Robyn and more
Mashuptown - bootlegs,mixemups- mashups- one +one equals 6- I don't love all mashups- but when a good one comes down the pike - it is magic-Police v Ben E King was one tune I discovered from this site.
Beat Electric -exactly what is says- mostly 80s electro pop and 12 inch mixes
The Hype Machine - song browsing made easy- all genres and formats- you can either play the songs on this site or go the actual blogs and listen-this site puts together songs from a ton of blogs from around the world.
Crying All The Way to the Chip Shop - solid mix of nostalgia,good writing and more

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