Friday, January 21, 2011

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  1. Debbi Morgan
  2. Jennifer Hudson
  3. Mel Gibson
  4. Bristol Palin
  5. Giant crayfish
  1. Tamera Mowry
  2. Tiger mom
  3. Arby's
  4. Mafia arrests
  5. Celiac disease

Winter's Bone - chilly atmospheric tale about a determined 17 year old older sister that needs to locate her father.Set in a rural area- we never once see a strip mall or even a Wal*Mart- our lead character is trying to avoid her home being taken since her dad has violated the terms of his bond.Her father is missing- but that seems incidental to reality that she and her 2 younger siblings and her sick mother could be homeless very soon.Well worth checking out.The DVD has deleted scenes,commentary and a behind the scenes documentary.This is probably not for everyone since it is more about dialogue and interactions between the lead character than action scenes A

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Banjo Ambience

Who is this Nilsson and Why is Everyone Talking About Him - the voice behind "Everybody's Talking"(from Midnight Cowboy) and the pen behind "One"(covered by Three Dog Night) is chronicled in this documentary.Harry Nilsson was a unique voice and we hear from his friends and co-workers including Eric Idle,Yoko Ono and many more.A very good documentary that made me want to buy his entire discography. A



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Joey 924,SmokedOut,Jobber Joe,The Byron & Jennifer Solis discuss TNA iMPACT,Angle/Jarrett/Jarrett,Crimson,Macho Man possible for Hall of Fame,WCW,WWF,WWE,WWE Superstars game,DLC for Smackdown vs Raw 2011,American Idol,Golden Globes,LuFisto and so much more Clips from Amy Lee,CM Punk,Jim Ross,The Miz & Alex Riley,Robert Downey,Jr.,Desperate Housewives Music from Frank Stallone,J Johnson,Adina Lake,M.I.A.,Jim Carrey,Gino Vanelli,Hairbangers [Kreator vs. Willow Smith]-Fissunix & Dj Schmolli,Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa,Drumattic Twins COMING MONDAY JAN 24-TNA WRESTLER THE AMAZING RED & SAT MEMBER JOEL MAXIMO!!!!! Roundtable Wrestling Radio -JOIN THE DISCUSSION go to our facebook page for clips,pics and more Listen LIVE every Monday- 1: and 2: Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a weekly podcast that originates on every Monday @ 11:15 pm EST - with your Roundtable members ... JOEY 9:24 - SMOKEDOUT -JOBBER JOE- THE BYRON - and JENNIFER SOLIS - Roundtable Wrestling Radio is on every Monday Night LIVE - call in -928-255-0119 A mix of wrestling and pop culture talk. Also every Monday on


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