Saturday, January 29, 2011

Diner/Today's Trends/Portlandia

Diner- this early 80's film set in 1959 follows several men and one women in their early 20s in Baltimore.This dialog heavy movie feels like a precursor for Sienfeld- as tons of the movie is about "nothing" and something at the same time.This movie was an arthouse hit and I even remember my grandmother going to see it back in the 80s.I enjoyed the movie- the cast is full of actors that went on to big careers -including Kevin Bacon,Mickey Roarke and Ellen Barkin.Probably not for everyone- but solidly entertaining.

Right Click and save or click and listen for audio clips from Diner


  1. Katie Couric
  2. Ali Larter
  3. Julian Assange
  4. Nicki Minaj
  5. IRS refund
  1. Robin Wright
  2. Alan Alda
  3. Family cruises
  4. Suez Canal
  5. Flower delivery

Not 100% in love with the new Fred Armisen skit show about Portland- but I love this song - and also the free-range chicken cult and Hide and Seek league- next week Aimee Mann will be the guest

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