Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20 Trends / Point Blank


  1. Katy Perry
  2. Jodie Sweetin
  3. 9,400-year-old d…
  4. Catwoman
  5. Jane Leeves
  1. Howard Stern
  2. New Sherlock Hol…
  3. The Dark Knight …
  4. Gregg Allman
  5. Hezbollah

Point Blank- an action film - a simple plot- but so much more.Director John Boorman makes a neo-noir flick that invades your brain.Lee Marvin is Walker- out to avenge a double cross and being cuckhold.Featuring an excellent cast including Angie Dickinson, Carroll O'Connor,James B Sikking,Sid Haig and more.This late 60s movie is very surreal and very gripping- the DVD has audio commentary by the director and Stephen Soderbergh and 2 vintage featurettes.Well worth a Netflix slot. A+

Sounds from the 60s neo-noir classic Point Blank (right click and save or click and listen)

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