Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Water Power (1977)

This bizarre mix of Taxi Driver,70s Art House porn and enemas has to be seen to be believed.
The main character is a creeping tom when he sees his neighbor enjoying herself - the audio from the movie sounds like the oddest horror flick ever with a little romance thrown in - even when the main character is channel surfing . If you see Water Power online or in the vintage porn section it is worth checking out .

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my original review when seeing the movie in May of 2010

Water Power - For a short time adult movies were made for theaters and were almost mainstream chic.This movie is the result of that-actually shot on location- this movie is a mix of Taxi Driver,Fear City and um enemas.Filmed in the 70s this movie has a mix of sex and perversion,a flimsy plot about a guy obsessed with cleansing women and some odd synth music.Not for the prudish and not Shakespeare- but an interestingly bad movie worth the time(just over an hour).

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