Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Aurdrey Horne/Sideways/Water Power/Burning Flame/Telex/911

‎"Blazing Ashes"- Aurdrey Horne- my fave song from last year- solid rock song- part Springsteen with some Foo Fighters and a little bit of Steppenwolf thrown in
Right Click and Save -Click and Listen - Blazing Ashes-Aurdrey Horne

One of the oddest art-film porn flicks I have seen is Water Power- think Taxi Driver with an enema obsession

Picture by Melpster of some of our 45s
One of my weekly music podcasts

Picture by Melpster of our record cabinet

At one time music was my out - my escape and my world.Then it became my job.Now it is my hobby again.

Music was so much magic- the sonic journey into pleasure and pain.Hiding behind shades and deafened by my walkman I was content to listen.

Here is a tune by Dinosaur Jr- Sideways(right click and save-click and listen) - maybe a bit twee for some-don't care- love this one

This is the second Audio Junk -Sophomore Slump

funny 911 call- enforce the burger
Probably too soon for some- but wow- this is funny and a good groove

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