Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pailhed/Satan & Adam/Husker Du and 90s clubs music

Kingshead Inn calendar early 90s

Pailhed " I Will Refuse" -song only -

Anvil -Metal on Metal- check out the excellent documentary about ANvil

Husker Du on the Joan Rivers show- not the best recording- but a good performance

One of the best live shows I ever experienced was Satan and Adam @ the Kingshead Inn in Norfolk,VA- here is a video of them playing in a park

And to be completely different- just cuz I saw this song and feel like posting some dance songs that I used to play in the clubs in the 90s- but actually liked

"The Bomb"-Bucketheads

"Set U Free"- Planet Soul- actually did this odd concept- the Worm- a dance party with the Planet Soul playing and techno DJs spinning all night- had a great turnout

Jocelyn Enriquez- "A Little Bit of Ecstacy"

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