Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random Saturday

Monday Feb 14th on Roundtable Wrestling Radio-special guest -ECW original Balls Mahoney
Feb 21- ROH grappler -Davey Richards

Just finished watching the Nora Clavicle episode of Batman- her way to take over Gotham- support women's rights- then install females in positions of power and police- then attack the city with mice-ingenious- also the episode featured a human knot with Batgirl/Robin & Batman- Batgirl was smoking- but her theme was el-lame-O.

If you have a chance- check out the Something Weird section on the Special Interests from the Free Zone - good mix of stuff-and free- well part of the Cox Cable in demand stuff

One of my fave songs- "Love Mad" by Meat Beat Manifesto from the NOW EP

love finding new to me songs- even if they are older than I am

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