Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Roundtable Wrestling Radio w/ Dave Lagana/Batman vs Joker Surfing/Today's Trends

Dave Lagana Interview

Dave Lagana Interview Feb 7,2011 -former member of WWE creative,producer for ROH and creator of http://iwantwrestling.com/ discusses working on Friends with Bruce Willis,working in WWE ,Vince McMahon,Michael P.S. Hayes,Paul E. Heyman,Davey Richards,Benjamin & Haas,NWA,WWF, and so much more. Music from Shining Path,Eminem & 2ge+her Roundtable Wrestling Radio -JOIN THE DISCUSSION go to our facebook page for clips,pics and more Listen LIVE every Monday- 1: http://roundtableradio.net/ and 2: http://roundtableradio.net/ctiplayer.html Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a weekly podcast that originates on roundtableradio.net every Monday @ 11:15 pm EST - with your Roundtable members ... JOEY 9:24 - JOBBER JOE- THE BYRON - and JENNIFER SOLIS - Roundtable Wrestling Radio is on every Monday Night LIVE - call in -928-255-0119 A mix of wrestling and pop culture talk. Also every Monday on http://kjagradio.com/

This is Simply Amazing - Batman takes on The Joker- SURFING

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