Sunday, February 13, 2011


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Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production live every Monday & Wednesday on @ 9 pm EST- The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Tue 3 pm - 5 pm-Texas Time.Also Tuesdays @ 12 pm EST on 1. “J.J. Bailey”- DJ Logic 2. 1970’s Worst Toy Commercial ever 3. “Do The Freddie” 4. “CD nut shot” from True Blood 5. “The Piano Drop”-Tim Hecker 6. “Violence culture” from Half Past Autumn 7. “junkie punks”- Useless Pieces 8. “CIA Man” –Sun City Girls 9. “see her naked” from True Blood 10. “Reefer Man”-Cab Calloway 11. “Woke up racist”- Daniel Tosh 12. “Nothing I Can Do”-Mike and the Censations 13. “untitled (c-c remix)”-FUN 14. “E Man Groovin(intro)-Jimmy Castor Bunch 15. Shabazz The Disciple & Dj Extremidiz 16. “nacho titz” from True Blood 17. “Rano Pano”-Mogwai 18. “sick of both” from The Kids are Alright 19. “Up Rose The Mountain”-Grotus 20. “hip to the environment” from The Young Graduates 21. “Pulling Teeth” IZ real feat Omega Jackson 22. “Tightropes made for Walking”-Party Ben 23. “Not The Bees”-Koolfox 24. “Death Kit”-Davedasi 25. “Heimlich” from Choking Man 26. “Capsular”-Moon Holiday 27. trailer for some 2011 space invasion movie 28. “Back in Black”-Dueling Fiddlers 29. “is to be shunned” from Sullivan’s Travels 30. “committee theme”-Pink Floyd 31. “Brisk T “ –Eminem 32. “The Business’-Eminem 33. 1980s Wendy’s training video 34. car screech from The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest 35. “dark and long”- Underworld 36. “Toiletry Issues”- Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington 37. “Inquisition Symphony”-Seputlra 38. muffled dinner scene from The Kids Are Alright 39. “Color of Coma”-Gallhammer 40. “Hello Everybody”-CM Punk 41. “100 Women”-Clorinde 42. “Hillbilly Grunts” from Idiocracy 43. “Forget That You’re Young”-The Raveonettes 44. “Release Yourself”-Prince 45. “Quicksilver Problems”-Jay-Z vs Quicksilver 46. “Riot in The Dungeons”- Yngwie Malmsteen

While most of the world first heard of Lyle Lovett cuz of his celeb marriage to Julia Roberts I discovered him while DJing a weekend late night shift @ the local country station WYTI- and yes one of the slogans of the station was the Might Whitey.The song I fell for was "She's No Lady"- amazing- funny,soulful and way better than I had hoped for the genre-eye or rather ear opening-
Here is Penguins by Lyle Lovett -right click and save

Here is Rendez Dance Le Space by Telex right click and save- yeah
I got the record cuz of the album and cuz it got an interesting review in Rolling Stong
The song that my friends remember is the goofy
"Temporary Chicken"- right click and save-
for all the part time chickens in the blogosphere

in the middle of a meme that someone suggested

here is a song from the first cassette I owned

yep Thriller-

and here is a song that reminds me of high school

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