Thursday, February 17, 2011

Star Castle/Undisputed by Chris Jericho/Self /Idiocracy/Cannibal Ox

One of my fave games from the early 80s was Star Castle
hypnotic yet simplistic- I spent many hours flying around the rings blowing up the core cannon

If you like pro rasslin- check out the new book by Chris Jericho-Undisputed-great read

Next up an excellent tune from Self- from their great pop album Breakfast with Girls

Great song from the Elevator Drops- saw them as a support act @ the Bait Shack in the mid 90s

Jazz Hermit got me into Cannibal Ox- love this song

If you have not seen Idiocracy-I suggest Netflixing it- good satire-over the top- but fun

a solid build and then bam- Clutch "Binge and Purge" - great live band if you have not seen them and like things on the heavy side

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