Sunday, February 20, 2011

PSX Video Games + Video Mish-Mash

Gaming should be fun and this is a fun fun game- Herc's Adventures

Mixing opera,contemporary NYC and beasties- this was an awesome RPG - Parasite Eve

Emotional Investment is always needed for good storytelling- Final Fantasy VII got it right and then some

I love 80s R&B- all of it- of course not- but this toe-tapper by D-Train is a great one

My fave Cameo song from my fave Cameo cassette- She's Strange

This song got me thru Summer School- "Jam On It"-Newclues

Would I get into this song now- err probably not- but loved it in the 80s and still do today "Sunshine Reggae"-Laid Back

Got into this song cuz a friend's cousin had it on a tape

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