Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 14 2011

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Joey 924,SmokedOut,Jobber Joe,The Byron & Rob Fury discuss Jeff Hardy vs Sting 1 minute 28 second PPV main event for TNA,Rock,Cena,Miz, Snooki,a review of End Game starring Kurt Angle and Jenna Morasca,The True Story of Wrestlemania DVD/Blu-Ray release,WWE All-Stars video game,Stevie Richards is perfect,Charlie Sheen,Brian Christopher,TNA Victory Road,Hurricane Helms,MVP,Japan,Battlefield of LA,The Finger-poke of Doom,,more movies ,X-The Man With X-Ray Eyes,The Bad Bunch,Corrupt a/k/a Order of Death a/k/a Copkiller,Hanging with the Homeboys,Desperado,El Mariachi , Once Upon A Time in Mexico,187,Purple Rain ,Kiss of Death,Night and the City,Ratings on Spike TV,UFC buys Strikeforce and more Clips from End Game,The Chaperone,Manchurian Candidate,Suburbia,Last Dragon,American Psycho,Tropic Thunder,40 Guns, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy,Kiss of Death,MenaceIISociety,Winter's Bone,Ace in The Hole,Pretty Poison,Exit Through The Gift Shop,The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,The Damned Don't Cry,The Town,Hustle,Casino, Music from DJ Tools,Gorgio Moroder,Brand Nubian,The Bouncing Souls,and Consolidated. JOIN THE CONVERSATION- check out our group page on facebook group page -ROUNDTABLE WRESTLING RADIO and post your thoughts and more. Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a weekly podcast that originates on roundtableradio.net every Monday @ 11:15 pm EST Roundtable Wrestling Radio is on every Monday - call in 928-255-0119

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Beware the Ides of March

Porco Rosso Japanese Trailer

Richard Widmark as Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death

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