Friday, March 11, 2011

The Vinyl Frenzy

One of our record cases covered by stickers
A 45 we discovered randomly in the 80s

Below Photo by Stan Finchem

So NOW- the hip thing is vinyl- refinding the vinyl to stuff you MP3ed or have on CD- yeah those are all records from my collection- and yeah I have alot of stuff on cassette, vinyl,CD and MP3- I understand-when a record ain't warped or scratched to shit- it sounds better than a CD file-- yeah I get it - I understand- but the prices on the new market of this found old format is astounding- then again I probably scoff since I still have most of this stuff from my days DJing- I miss the old days of discovery-finding old wierd records @ flea markets or thrift stores- flipping thru 45s @ punk shows and whatnot- but I don't miss lugging around milkcrates full of records for that one song that may or may not get played that night and I love my iPod- I love random shuffle with 4000 to 5000 songs in the mix- I love it- but that is me-format changes and entertainment is not new to me or anyone- hell Beta is better than VHS- and Laserdisc was exquisite- but both are dinosaurs- congrats on the music industry finding an old way to make sure they get some money for the music-but I ain't joining in- well not until I win the lottery and or find more space in my townhouse.what is weird is going thru my collection with the eyes of a vinyl collector- I may have the mint in unlistened to records- but to me - they are things yet to be moved to MP3- bad I know- but I like the convience.Hell I have read in some places that a cassette revival is happening also and I have seen a movie about 8 track love- hell I still have a mountain of VHS to convert to DVDr- and don't get me started on blu-ray-lol

Here is the new rage on youtube- a video of a record playing- this is "Once You Understand"-Think- I love this song- a message record that is not subtle at all

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