Sunday, April 10, 2011

Audio Junk 4/10/11 April Fooled

Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production live every Monday & Wednesday on @ 9 pm EST- The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Tue 3 pm - 5 pm-Texas Time.Also Tuesdays @ 5 pm EST on 1. “It’s Monster Surfing Time”- The Deadly Ones 2. “Zeit “ – Tangerine Dream + a talk about emotions from July 2004 3. “Two Tongue Talk”-Dragontears 4. “M-19”- Jacks 5. Chuck Norris Karate Commandoes 6. “Riot In”- Co La 7. “Pawns in the Game”- Professor Griff 8. trailer for Find Me Guilty 9. “baby”-Donnie and Joe Emerson 10. “The Fad of Colors”- from The Wiz 11. “7 Ways to Love Bacon” 12. “Thank You”- Porn Sword Tobacco 13. “Egyptians are so brave”- Norm MacDonald on The Daily Show 14. “God of Jagged Gold”- Dog Lady 15. trailer for Brazil 16. “ Dystopia” – YACHT 17. “Let Me See Your Underwear”- BLOW-UP 18. The Devastator from MR SHOW 19. “You’re So Strange”- The Zippers 20. “No Substitute”- Speedies 21. “Barbara”-Modernettes 22. trailer for Three O’Clock High 23. “dead pop stars”-Altered Images 24. “Creeps”- Q4U 25. “Top Of the World” James Cagney from White Heat 26. “Airplanes” – Local Natives 27. “rejected MLB slogans”- Dave Letterman 28. “Veronica” Elvis Costello 29. “gone cuz of you”-Veronica Mars 30. “Let There Be Skin”-Cozy Powell 31. “let there be light” from Book of Eli 32. “Kicks and Chicks”- The Thanes 33. “Guilt” –Nero 34. trailer for Angels With Dirty Faces 35. “Cyclops”-Buzzard 36. “Why Do You Think?- Dandelion Abortion 37. “What’s In It For Me” – Linda Darnell in Fallen Angel 38. “Floating Vibes(Twin Shadow Remix)”-Surfer Blood 39. “Moment of Clarity”- Danger Mouse 40. “The Chills (featuring Raw Moans)”-Police Academy 6

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