Sunday, April 17, 2011


TNA LOCKDOWN 2011 from Cincinnati , Ohio
TNA’s yearly cage match extravaganza. Probably the most important TNA PPV in quite some time. The negative momentum of TNA seems to be catching- ever since Jeff Hardy dropped the strap on PPV in 90 seconds to Sting- TNA has been the whipping boy of the internet wrestling community- even more than normal. I have been a TNA supporter for years- but they had started to loose me- the title match seemed to be a battle of 3 tweeners and the lead up did nothing to dispel that. The most compelling thing to happen recently was the reappearance of the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.
The PPV started with a graphics and voice-over stressing that this was about blood and would be brutal. The opening X-division match was solid but marred by a crappy ref bumping the cage to let Max Buck beat Brian Kendrick gimmick. Eric Bischoff came out to chat- soon enough the crowd was chanting “We want wrestling”.

That was followed by BPP giving the typical Scott Stiener promo- but getting the crowd into it –sort of. 4 team tag match followed- Stiener was very over- but the Eric Young comedy fell flat. Ink Inc won the match.

This month’s short title match slot was taken by the knockouts as Mickie James kept her hair and won the strap by beating Madison Rayne in 2 minutes or so. They had a tale of the tape of the match- which did not give the height and weight of the competitors- but bullet points- yeah not that important- but annoying.

During a blah promo by Matt Morgan I went and got my dinner- when I came back the screeching Latina women were being chased out of the ring by Velvet Sky.
Samoa Joe vs the Pope was a solid match- well better than the lame build-up feud leading to the match.
This was followed by a good match by Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. I still don’t understand fighting over Karen Angle- she seems to posses no desirable character traits .Was this the great match that Kurt delivered last year at the same event – no-but it was good enough to get me into it by the third fall.
A night of anti-climatic action continued with a lackluster title defense by Sting.
The main event- lethal lockdown had some good spots- like Christopher Daniels leaping off the top of the cage and the return of AJ Styles- but was n
nothing that will stand the test of time.
The building was full and the crowd seemed to wake up occasionally- but this felt like the type of show and turnout that will not come back for the TNA experience- in other words this is the kind of event that kills towns- am I being over-dramatic maybe- but this did not feel like a major PPV and certainly not like the second biggest event of the year for TNA.
Overall this lived down to the crappy television that impact has been recently and that is troubling. It is great seeing AJ coming back and it was nice that crowd popped for him and I hope he is inserted in the title picture- because I am totally over the Sting,RVD, Anderson triangle.

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