Saturday, April 02, 2011

Audio Junk April Fooling April 2011

Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production live every Monday & Wednesday on @ 9 pm EST- The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Tue 3 pm - 5 pm-Texas Time.Also Tuesdays @ 5 pm EST on Audio Junk 1. “Duke’s theme” from Escape from New York 2. “Theme from Green Slime” 3. “Middle Beast”- INXS 4. “Introducing the MegaForce” 5. “Dear Africa featuring Les Nubians”-Blitz Ambassador 6. “play new kids backwards”-Bill Hicks 7. “Diana”-Boris Mikulic 8. “Heart’s Filthy Lesson”-David Bowie 9. “just mastered missionary”-Charisma Carpenter on Veronica Mars 10. “Under The God”- Tin Machine 11. “play in bombsites”- from The End 12. “Downset”- Downset 13. “Mission Control”- Hail The Villian 14. “I can see clearly now”-Screeching Weasel 15. “Oxnard”-Ill Repute 16. “Not for Me” from Diner 17. “Black and Gray”-Stalag 13 18. “Party All Day”-Steel Panther 19. “goth money”- Kevin Smith on Veronica Mars 20. “Telegram Sam”-Bauhaus 21. the beginning of the end 22. “Lightworks”- Busta Rhymes,Q-Tip,Talib Kweli 23. “unconventional pleasures” from Hot Saturday 24. “Matrix”-Kid Deville 25. “take it easy” from Escape from New York 26. “Next Time”-Johnnie Taylor 27. “So What” from Pretty Poison 28. “The Devil is A Liar”- Seawind 29. “Woooo 2 Lotto”-Ric Flair 30. “Fly Now”-Brian Protheroe 31. “Ain’t Gonna Pee-Pee my Bed Tonight”- The Kelly Family 32. “I Stay Dirty for a Reason” from Cross of Iron 33. “Hundert Mann und ein Befehl”- Heidi Brühl 34. “Purple Haze”- Buddy Miles and Bootsy Collins 35. “ frown vs smile”- Bill Hicks 36. “Count on Me”-Jefferson Starship 37. “Lullaby”- Emitt Rhodes 38. “Let’s Duet”- John C Rielly and Angela Correa 39. “village goat”- from Veronica Mars 40. “Run To You”-Bryan Adams 41. NY is a prison from Escape from New York 42. “Cumbia Alivianada (Staying Alive)”- Machuca Cumbia 43. “Conversacao De Paz”- Sergio Ricardo 44. “Meg Dream”- from Veronica Mars 45. “Sweet Dreams intro “-Air Supply 46. “God Save me”- Donald Pleasance in Escape From New York 47. “Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution” (LIVE) – Cut Copy 48. “Kietel and London” from Corrupt a/k/a Cop Killer A/k/a Order of Death with music by Ennio Morricone 49. “I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You”- Leon Haywood 50. "A Day in The Life"- The Beatles

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