Friday, April 08, 2011


Podcast Page for Johnny Mantell Interview

Johnny Mantell joins Joey 924 and Jobber Joe to discuss Wrestlemania,WCCW , The Hood,Roddy Piper, The Von Erichs , Chavo Classic, Wrestling, getting the locals riled up and so much more- a can't miss interview Check out the GWT Germanfest Wringenmeisterschaft Tournament (GWT) website- 100 grapplers from around the world in a 4 day event in Texas - competing and judged by legends including former World Champions Nick Bockwinkel and Stan "The Lariat" Hansen Read the article about the Woodstock of Wrestling in the debut issue of Rumble Magazine Music by Ten Years After and Dwight Yoakam,clips from Ric Flair,Tully Blanchard,Ivan Koloff Check out the home of the Russian Bear Ivan Koloff Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a weekly podcast that originates on every Monday @ 11:15 pm EST Roundtable Wrestling Radio is on every Monday - call in 928-255-0119

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