Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jonny Fairplay , Mad Man Pondo interviews-Roundtable Wrestling Radio

Jonny Fairplay talks about Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling , TNA , WWE , Ricky Steamboat , Sting,Ric Flair , Roddy Piper,Andy Kaufman,Wrestling with Shadows,the Bret Hart book and more. Mad Man Pondo talks about his encounters with Jos LeDuc , Terry Funk , being apart of the Backyard Wrestling Videogame,Combat Shock and more. The Pharaoh talks about transitioning from football to wrestling,how his character was created, Ground Zero Wrestling and more.Go to for more information. John Mantell talks about the Woodstock of Wrestling -this weekend in Texas with 100 wrestlers and a panel of legendary wrestlers and more -Go to for more information. "The Dustman" Mark Anthony joins the show to talk about "Uprising" at Scope with Buff Bagwell,Sonjay Dutt and Reid Flair- May 7th @ the Scope in Norfolk,Va go to for more information Then Roundtable Wrestling Radio Host Joey 924 talks about wrestling,entertainment,basketball and more Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a weekly podcast that originates on every Monday @ 11:15 pm EST Roundtable Wrestling Radio is on every Monday - call in 928-255-0119

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