Friday, May 20, 2011

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage

RIP – Randy “Macho” Man Savage- according to reports from TMZ online( and later confirmed by WWE.COM and broadcast on HLN)- Savage passed away due to a heart attack while driving. No matter how I put this- I will understate his impact on the world of professional wrestling. He was the ultimate performer mixing in–ring skill with amazing promos and a larger than life persona. From his unforgettable entrance to his lovely manager Miss Elizabeth- Randy “Macho Man” Savage personified the perfect mix of classic wrestling acumen and showmanship. His promos were instantly quotable and he backed that up in the ring with matches that consistently stole the show. From the biggest stage (his match at Wrestlemania III in front of 93,000 with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat that is still cited by many as the best match in the history of Wrestlemania) to his early work before the WWF- his high octane offense was something to behold. From the Mega-Powers to the Match Made in Heaven his character developed into one of the most beloved wrestlers in WWF history. In WCW his feud with Diamond Dallas Page helped elevate DDP to the next level. In another memorable cameo – Randy Savage portrayed Bonesaw in one the biggest movies of all time Spiderman- and he managed to steal the scene once again. I know I am missing memorable moments- but I know that most people reading this are filling them in and doing it better justice than my words.Often imitated( I know most people reading this have said “Oh Yeah” “Dig It” or Slap into a Slim Jim “ copying his signature vocal style) – Savage will never be duplicated. Thank you for the memories.

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