Wednesday, May 04, 2011


The modern information is great for so many things- need to know about a topic in an argument- no longer do you have to wait to get home to answer the query- now you type in the subject and google,wiki,etc. will give you any number of links with the answer.Is the internet always accurate- no - of course not- but usually you can find the correct details on whatever you are discussing.
The downside is - the current need for constant information and to be the first to break new news has lead to a ton of spoilers- especially in professional wrestling-it is one thing to say Spoiler inside- it is another to post pictures of the event that has yet to air or pictures showing a new champion or using that information as header- it is frustrating - but I guess expected.
What follows is an episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio with tons of spoilers if you listen before Saturday- you have been warned.

Podcast Page for Spoiler Table with Special Guest Manny Fernandez(interviews and spoiler free zone after 50 minutes)

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