Saturday, June 18, 2011

Roundtable Wrestling Radio w/ Melissa Coates , Adam Pearce , Chris Hamrick and Omega Jackson

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Roundtable Wrestling Radio Weekend Spectacular Joey 924 and Jobber Joe talk to Melissa Coates about potential matchups , Ultimate Death Match movies, her wrestling VHS collection and more Adam Pearce joins the show to talk about booking ROH, working around the world, his future and more Chris Hamrick joins the show to talk about his career in ECW, Wrestling Society X, SPW and so much more Omega Jackson joins the show to talk about his fusion of hip hop and wrestling and so much more Music by Ram Jam, Action Bronson , Omega Jackson Brand New Roundtable Wrestling Radio will be posted on Monday with the full crew and a brand new mix by The Byron Join the group page on Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a weekly pro wrestling and pop culture podcast

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