Thursday, August 04, 2011

NWA Fusion rain-out

Well I attempted to get back in the saddle – local wrestler Nate Mustang informed me that he would be wrestling at a fair in Gloucester, VA. So I became obsessed with the notion of going to this event- ok normally would I travel 90 minutes for an indie show- no- I loathe driving. But luckily I found someone that wanted to go and carpooled with them. So after a rendezvous at the HH Greg parking lot we got into a rental vehicle guided by a GPS and headed out for trek north. I tried calling the cancellation line as we drove up since it was overcast, but I kept getting a recording talking about a softball tournament on July 24. Either way we kept going. When we finally got to the park and got situated and got into the shuttle that was when we found out that the wrestling event was rained out because the promoter was worried about his HIGH DOLLAR MATS. So we turned around and ending up eating dinner at Harpoon Larry’s in Hampton- excellent food a little pricey- but worth the splurge.

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