Friday, October 28, 2011


ok "You and I" ended up on an NBC comedy last night- nothing wrong with that- time for a Rick James party- youtube style

This is more of a time capsule for 1978 than James video- but neat nonetheless

Quiet Storm ballad featuring Rick James and soul legend Smokey Robinson - and damn this video is funny

Probably too clean for some- but I love this latter period groove from Rick James

I actually snagged Fire it Up from a cut-out bin (Love Gun later ended up in a Bill Murray movie) I love this song from this tape also

Early and funky Rick James- "Sexy Lady

From the Flag- maybe a little goofy- but I love the groove

80s Rick James

Before Dave Chappelle parodied him on Comedy Central , Rick James held it down with tons of great funk grooves- I am only touching the surface from his discography. He also wrote hits for Teena Marie, The Mary Jane Girls and 2012 Oscar Host Eddie Murphy

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