Sunday, October 16, 2011

TNA Bound for Glory 2011

TNA Bound for Glory 2011 from Philadelphia, PA

Kicked off with an X-Division title match between Austin Aires and Brian Kendrick –the first hour of the show was action packed –sure some of the results were annoying- but the pace of the action and the energy of the crowd kept me hyped up for TNA’s signature event. Austin Aires retained the X-Division strap in a decent match against Brian Kendrick, he gained the pinfall with a brainbuster. The crowd was fully behind the arrogant Aires. Momentum was briefly quelled during a backstage sequence with Karen Jarrett and Tracy Brooks.

Former ECW rivals RVD and Jerry Lynn returned to the city of brotherly love for a full metal mayhem match. Using a variety of hardware this match garnered several ECdub chants from the Philly fans. RVD won the match by pinning Jerry Lynn with a ladder. After the match the long time rivals buried the hatchet and shook hands.

Next up was mid-card mayhem as former world champion Samoa Joe continues to be booked into obscurity. He lost the 3-way bout to Crimson after Matt Morgan attempted a Carbon footprint and then Crimson speared the Samoan submission machine. I think TNA should trade Samoa Joe for John Morrison- both guys are talented- but they obviously need new homes..

Anderson Anderson beat Bully Ray in their falls count anywhere match by hitting Bully Ray with a Mic-Check through a ringside table after overshooting on a swanton.

Eric Bicshoff is seen backstage talking to referee Jackson James. It is revealed that James is actually Eric’s son. This news seems to flabbergast the announce team of Taz and Tenay.

Things got worse as the knockouts division visited an atrocity upon my screen. Instead of a competitive 4 way match for the Knockouts belt- we got Karen Jarrett playing rudo ref and refusing to help the faces get the win. After several minutes of useless action Jarrett is finally taken out of the match and Velvet Sky manages to get the win and become the new Knockouts champion.

Long time TNA competitors AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels had an ok “I Quit” match- ok for anyone else maybe- but below the very high standards these two excellent grapplers usually live up to. AJ Styles won the match when Daniels quit and ran when AJ picked up a screwdriver.

Jeff Jarrett confronted Jeff Hardy- this basically lead to an in-ring pull apart with refs and backstage officials. A big D-Lo chant broke out for D-Lo Brown.

I am not a Hulk Hogan fan- I never quite understood his appeal. But when he is on- he is on and tonight the Philly crowd wanted to share some love with the Hulkster. The actual fight portion of the Hulk Hogan and Sting confrontation was rather lame. The highlight of the early portion of this segment was Ric Flair being Hogan’s second. Sting bounced around for Hogan a bit. The Sting got some punches in. Things got interesting after Hogan submitted to the Scorpion Deathlock. At first Immortal came out and beat the tar out of Sting. They showed Abyss peaking through the curtain- but he did not intervene. The only person that stood up to the onslaught was the ref Jackson James. He was rewarded for his valor by getting a chair shot from his father Eric Bischoff. As Sting was getting dragged down he begged Hogan to help him. Hogan helped Sting – it was the loudest pop of the night – the Philly crowd loved good guy Hogan and went nuts for the team of Sting and Hogan. This was the Hogan moment that TNA had paid for 2 years ago- the Philly crowd simply ate up Hulkamania and loved the moment.

The main event of the evening was the culmination of a 13 year journey by former Tag Team Champion Bobby Roode. He had managed to win the Bound For Glory series and had even managed beat his buddies in Fortune and hold his own start to look legitimate as a contender for the top prize in the company. He battled champion Kurt Angle in a solid match where they traded holds on the canvas and tried to get the other to submit. Eventually Angle won the match by using the ropes for leverage while Roode’s hand was under the ropes. It was an anti-climatic end to a solid PPV.

Hulk Hogan stole the show- sure he annoys me when cuts 15 minute promos and his matches are not the athletic spotfests that I tend to favor , but tonight he managed to elicit true emotion out of the crowd and made a special moment and memory for the crowd watching in the arena and at home.

Bound For Glory 2011 was inconsistent at times and I was not a fan of finish for the main event – but overall it was a decent show with some good matches and great energy from the crowd. Is this an event I would suggest purchasing –nope- but I do not regret purchasing it myself. B-

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