Wednesday, November 02, 2011

THE FUTURE IS NOW ..... then

I always love seeing movies and TV shows from the past that show their version of the future and then we past the date of the future past .

Yesterday I watched the ultra-cheesy very bad but compelling schlock opera The Apple

Love duet between the 2 leads after they have seperated by BIM

Bibi's big hit? An anthem for uppers!

My wife mentioned it seemed like someone was bucking to make a new Rocky Horror Picture Show, I don't know- she also said that the movie was a tax shelter.

IN the late 70s my favorite television show was Buck Rogers- the goofiest episode was the Space Rockers with Jerry Orbach as an evil music producer- the costumes , dancing and music remind me of the "Do The Bim" sequence from the trailer.

For awhile Space Rockers replaced The Bad Bunch by Greydon Clark as the video I had to show company. Bad Bunch is a low budget race relations movie shot in Watts in the 70s by director Greydon Clark (Joysticks, Final Justice,Skinheads) I snagged this out of PVM bin at Blockbuster.

Ok I am off the original tangent of this blog - so now the other scene I used to show visitors at the old Norfolk apartment in Ghent.

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